Choosing to Say to Good-Bye…

But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, They run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind. Isaiah 40:31 (The Message)

It was the end of the summer and the beginning of another school year and out of nowhere it came…the brick, the shock, the disappointment.  These days were very difficult for my family and I to have to live through.  We lost some very special friends in our lives, not due to death, issues or offense but by their choosing.  We have literally been grieving their loss in our lives and although we do not quite understand the reasoning behind it, I am not sure that the pain would have been that much less had we had the best reason in the world.

Why do we have to lose special people in our lives? I ask the question because at this stage in my life I should have the “textbook answer” memorized and ingrained in my mind. However, when something hits you in the heart, the answer to this question doesn’t really matter or have much value.

There is a sense of “rejection” that enters our mind, a sense of being damaged or unwanted by humankind.  Oh yes, you have other friends and yes you love them very much but the one you have lost is at the forefront of your emotions at this time.

During these difficult days, God reminded me of the story of Joseph in the Old Testament.  Rejection at the highest level– by his own family….closer than friends one would say…by his own blood.  The Bible doesn’t tell us what Joseph’s exact thoughts were or how he really was able to get beyond the feelings of rejection and on to having a forgiving heart.  However, the hope that I see today is that He did get pass these feelings and God was not only with him through this process but also blessed him through his obedience to Him and for remaining true to himself.

So you see my friend, rejection hurts and time will heal but with God, with Jesus, we can make it over to the other side!!!  Keep the wonderful memories that you created with old friends and move on to the destiny that God has for you with the people that “He” has hand-selected to be part of your life at this very moment!

Today I am reminded to…Just Breathe!

Reflection Corner:

1.)    Is there a past hurt that you need to forgive to be able to move forward?

2.)    What are some steps that you can take to be intentional about moving forward with your life?

3.)    Make a list of ways that you can show the people in your life today that you love and appreciate them.

4 thoughts on “Choosing to Say to Good-Bye…

  1. Your post reminds me of many goodbye’s and many hello’s that I’ve had to say for various reasons. There is a friend that sticks closer to a brother – and He has helped me get through those times. This did not lessen the pain but walking with Jesus through the journey of loss eased showed me there was hope. Moving forward in life is intentional and in the case of friendship – I’ve prayed friends into my life and have been able to turn to life long friends for help and counsel during challenging moments. Thank you and love you my friend!

    • You’re right Flor, we need to be intentional about every relationship in our lives! As we approach the holiday season we need to focus on the people that are here with us and not on the ones that left. Thank you for your comment!

  2. NORosario

    In trying to develop “women” relationships, I created some unhealthy ties in my “new beginnings” here in South Florida; however, I was clearly hearing the Holy Spirit within to release these women from my circle. Boy, when you don’t have many friends to begin with in a new area, that hurts! It Stings! It Stinks! I was obedient and I mourned their loss. God has been faithful and has added an incredible cast of women in whom I’m developing relationships with and with whom have become intentional in getting to know in a deeper level. How does the saying go….”When one door closes, don’t stare at it too long, walk into the one before you that is open.” I’m walkin’ yes indeed, I’m walkin.

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