Swag Deficiency…

…Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go… Joshua 1:9

Some of you may be thinking ‘what exactly is Swag?’  The definition of Swag (yes, I found an actual definition) is the appearance, style, or the way he or she presents themselves. In essence, Swag is walking confidently!

I was recently at a Women of Faith conference where Erica from Mary Mary was explaining to the audience how some Christian women enter a room with what she described as “Swag deficiency”.  We enter with our heads down, our shoulders down and barely look up to see where we are going.  We carry ourselves almost ashamed of what we are or who we belong to.

This made me think about the way we carry ourselves in this world.  Do we have “Swag” or are we Swag deficient?  And, if we are deficient how do we go about getting some Swag?  I must warn you that you can’t fake Swag…  I mean you can’t put on an act or a mask for people to think that you are a true confident woman in God.  WE need to actually be living this thinking; we need to BELIEVE it ourselves, in our inner-self.  Swag is not believing that you are better than everyone else.  Swag is not belittling other women and Swag is certainly not pride!  As a Christian woman we need to carry ourselves like who we belong to; we belong to the King most High!  We are daughters of the King of Kings but yet we forget and act like we’re no ones!  Rise up, my sweet sister and friend and find your individual Swag.  That’s right, go up to the mirror, put on your nicest outfit and walk like a confident child of God; the creator of everything in this universe. Practice it if you have to!

I believe that when Queen Esther approached King Xerxes, she had some Swag; she had confidence and most of all she trusted and knew the God that she believed in most of all!

Today, as you go about practicing your Swag, remember to Just Breathe!

Reflection Corner:

1.)     You may think that this topic is a little funny or even unnecessary but I challenge you to be conscious about how you enter a room where you do not know anyone. How do you feel about yourself?

2.)     If you feel that you have arrived at a place of confidence, as a godly woman, look for a sister that may need you to encourage her as she is walking to find herself.

3.)     Consider hosting a Swag party.  Yes, a party or get-together that will focus on encouraging one another and perhaps even putting on a fashion show.  Have fun, your King wants you to!

4 thoughts on “Swag Deficiency…

  1. I think I have swag, maybe too much at times! I believe the point here is understanding our identity in Christ, no one should take that from us and we need not cower in fear or uncertainty when our father is the King! For some years I believe that I lost my swag, I was angry and exhausted – one word changed it all from a lady who did not know me – ! “I see you walking into my house angry and sad – why is that my daughter, don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know I am your father?Don’t be sad, don’t be sad. Don’t contend with me – just believe me – believe that the promises I have made to you are YES AND AMEN.” It was actually much longer and all in Spanish – I have it on CD rom and I listen to it a few times a year to remind me to keep my SWAG!!!!!!! Thanks for this post Silvia, it is wonderful to me.

  2. Debra

    HI Silvia,
    I love that verse from Joshua. Good subject to talk about. Keep our heads up high 🙂
    Have a good week my friend.
    Love, Deb

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