Do not lose Hope….

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)

For those of you who do not know me, I am the mother of three beautiful girls. Stephanie- 22 years old; Ashley- almost 19 years old and Alexandria-almost 15 years old.  I am also the sister to two beautiful women (Jacqueline and Katherine) and the daughter to wonderful parents (Susie and Nestor Perez) who were pastors inNew Jerseyto a wonderful congregation for over 30 years.

I know that my parent’s hope and prayers were for all three of their daughters to serve God and serve in some type of ministry.  However, I was not excited about any of it and didn’t want any part in this “ministry business”!  I could not wait to turn 18 and leave my home and stop attending church, never mind serving in any ministry capacity.  Yes, I was a rebel, the black sheep, the why kid- the kid that wouldn’t let go of something if it didn’t make sense.  I never liked to do things a certain way just because that is what we are suppose to do and not really understand the reasoning behind it.

As soon as I turned 18 my night and shining armor, my prince, my ticket out came knocking on my door with a sweet proposal for marriage.  It was a moment of “where do I sign”???!!!  

Today, I truly thank God that he blessed me with a wonderful husband and partner.  This get me out of here, where do I sign attitude could have gone very wrong for me.  However, once out of the house, once married, you don’t own me anymore attitude took me right out of attending church but more importantly right out of desiring a relationship with God.  However, I know that due to a mother that was ceaselessly praying for her daughter’s return (instead of the prodigal son I was the leading actress for the prodigal daughter) I found my way back to God and back to ministry.  It took years for me to feel comfortable in serving in ministry but God knows how to lead us, when we allow Him to.  I started in October 2000 working with the Missionettes, girls club and later establishing a children’s church at our church.  In the spring of 2006 God started to speak into my spirit that there was another area where He wanted to use me- the women’s ministry.

Today, I decided to write and dedicate this blog to all the mothers with adult children who are not serving the Lord to encourage you to keep praying for them. You may think your prayers are not reaching the Throne Room, oh but sweet woman – they are.  I have also seen this in my own life and in the life of our eldest daughter.  She is in a similar place as I was at her age; looking for my own identity and relationship with God. I believe that God is about to do a breakthrough in her life and make her purpose and destiny known to her.

Today, I remind you to not give up hope and Just Breathe! The day will soon come when we will all rejoice!!!  Rejoice in the Hebrew means to “spin around”, our children’s lives will spin around and so will ours!!!

Reflection Corner:

1.)   Is there a child that you have been praying for to return to the arms of Jesus? Call him or her up today and do not speak to them about God but love on them with everything you have.

2.)   If you know of other parents that are in similar situation, unite with them and designate a day of prayer and fasting specifically for the return of your children.

3.)   If know of a young adult whose parents are Christian but they are not serving the Lord, love on them this week.  Show them what God’s love is all about.

8 thoughts on “Do not lose Hope….

  1. Debra

    Nice to meet your girls Silvia. They are so pretty. 🙂
    Nice to meet your parents too.
    It’s nice to start to know you.
    God is great, paring up woman across the united states like this…we meet for a reason 🙂
    Have a great week
    Love, Deb

  2. Querida Silvia, que linda está esta página, esperamos que todos los que la lean Dios obre en sus vidas en una manera muy especial, muchas bendiciones para ti por tu esfuerzo, y yo sé que Dios le está hablando a mucha gente através de estas palabras ungidas….muchas bendiciones …tu mami

  3. Edna R. Quiros

    Great sharing and so true, persistent prayer always makes a way even when we can’t see it at the time……I’m already seeing God doing some special work in my daughter….yes consistent prayer and loving them always is what I’m talking about 🙂 Thank you for sharing my sister 🙂

  4. NORosario

    Thanks for your fresh honesty and encouragement to all mothers that pray for their children. We are not to lose hope that our children will fulfill their purpose in Christ. You are the mother of three beautiful girls, the sister of two great looking women and are blessed with your godly parents and I am blessed to call you my friend. God bless you and yours!

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