Just Breathe Challenge: Day 29

Oh how I wish that I can grab dinner with all of you and discuss our challenge.  Which days were easier for you, which days were a challenge and which days you want to keep around forever.  Well, since we can’t do that grab a bunch of friends and speak to them about your experience:-).

Happy Day 29!

Day 29

Just Breathe Challenge: Day 25

Happy Saturday.  Yikes….I can’t believe that we are already on Day 25!!! Okay, let’s continue with our habit of slowing down as you prepare a spa bath for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive…maybe even use some of your essential oils in your bath water from earlier this week:-).   Most of us are used to just jumping in the shower as we are running around and trying to rush somewhere…make it a point today to bring put on some soothing music and a great book for an extra special “Me Time”.

Day 25