Beyond the Cover Book Club

Beyond the Cover book club was established for women.  Women that would like to connect with other women and build bridges of friendship.  The book club meets in person and/or online.  We focus on books that bring encouragement, that helps us reflect and help us grow in our spiritual walk.  Books that reminds us to take a break from life and Just Breathe!

The idea of a book club was birthed in 2008 with our first fellowship held in my home in April 2008.  The desire to begin a book club did not only come from the need to fellowship with other women but also the desire to provide a safe environment  to discuss books that provoke conversations that will allow each woman to express her individuality and thoughts.  God has been so graceful that we have met and fellowship with women of all ages, nationalities, marital status, churches and denominations.

In the spring of 2011, we ventured off to a new means of communication and piloted the “chat room” experience.  We coupled chatting with meeting in- person for coffee, desserts and movies.  The pilot was a successful and busy women everywhere welcomed the experience.  We had women from Texas and North Carolina join our chats since location was no longer a concern.


If you would like more information on the book club or register for the next session, please email

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