Just Breathe Challenge: Day 20

Today’s challenge is to go and find those old photo albums that will take you down memory lane.  It’s incredible what our minds can recollect when we see, smell or hear something that brings us back to our childhood and past.  Tell me, what was your favorite year or age?

Happy Monday and Day 20!


Day 20

New Every Morning…

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.  Lamentations 3:23

My family and I were on our annual vacation when I had the opportunity to watch the movie, “I can only imagine.”  What a powerful movie about God’s grace, mercies and redemption when we least deserve it.  Today, I want to focus on the writer of the song Bart Millard.

Bart didn’t have an easy life, he saw a lot of injustice at home as a child and even experienced622495 his father’s wrath more than once.  Both in the form of physical and emotional abuse.  I know that most of us can relate to living experiences as a younger child that could have crippled us from being all that God wants us to be.  For example, Joseph and the trajectory of his life comes to mind.  David and his experience with a crazy king also comes to mind.  What about John the Baptist and all the folks that hated him because of his message.  Rahab and Mary Magdalene and their not so stellar past! All of us have experiences that we lived through or are currently living through that should stop us dead in our tracks if we ALLOW it to.

However, we serve a God that has an endless supply of mercy.  Can you believe that they are new each and every day? He knew before he formed us in our mother’s womb that we would need them new, each and every morning. Funny enough, the band that Bart was a part of was called Mercy Me.  God’s mercy is in the forefront of all that we are and will be.

You see, Bart didn’t only experience rejection in the hands of his human father but also from the music industry.  They said that “he is not ready” and probably would never be ready.  They didn’t see someone special in him or in his music.

If we wait and allow the world to approve or validate the gift that God has placed in us, we may never live out all that God intends for us.

Sometimes what we need in our lives are the “naysayers”.  Because it’s through them that we become stronger and more determined to live out God’s dreams and destiny for our lives.  We choose the highroad, we choose not to be discouraged, we must choose to keep going each and every day!

In 1999, Bart went on to sing his song in front of an audience of thousands for the first time and it was a huge hit.  The song was formally released in 2001 and I can remember my daughters singing it in our children’s church, youth rallies, and even our own adult church services.  That song transports you to the presence of God.  “I can only Imagine” went on to win 5 Platinum awards and sold over 2.5 million records and translated into several languages.  It has even requested in secular radio around the world.

My friend, whether you’re in a holding pattern or are living through some type of rejection….keep going. Your greatest “hit” is in the process of developing and maturing into more than you can imagine!

For now, Just Breathe





Just Breathe Challenge: Day 16

There are days that we are going 100 miles an hour without taking a second of the day to just sit, think and reflect about all the good in our lives.  Yesterday we thought about the people that we appreciate in our lives, today let’s continue that habit and choose to take 10 minutes to reflect on all the blessings in our lives.

Happy Day 16!!!

Day 16 (2)

Just Breathe Challenge: Day 15

Hello My Friend!  You have made it halfway through the challenge.  Today, reach out to someone that you appreciate.  Tell them what they mean to you and do something sweet with them.  Truly good people seem to be hard to come by these days so let’s make sure to take a moment to appreciate them!

Day 15

Important to Him…

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

There are times when I feel that what I am doing has no value.  I mean everything from keeping the house clean, feeding the family, running errands, paying bills, speaking to friends or even working on that endless project at work.

allef-vinicius-347070-unsplash.jpgIt all seems pointless!

What about when you wake up a little earlier to pray for your loved ones, prepare for the day ahead and even to put another load of laundry in order to get a heads start.  It all seems like an endless cycle of to do’s that no one sees or cares about.

However, He Sees!

David was a shepherd boy who tended to his flock.  He feed them, cleaned them up, anointing them and protected them from the daily elements and attacks from predators.  He did all this even though no one saw his daily efforts.  No one seemed to notice or acknowledge his daily sacrifice.

Or so, it seemed!

God not only noticed but thought it was extremely important to David’s character, leadership skills, coping mechanism, empathy and warrior skills.

God noticed!

My friend, God notices how you run your day and how you pause to speak to a friend in need. He is taking note for your next assignment.  David went on to be appointed to be King of Israel—God’s chosen people.  For God only the best will do in leading his people and David was the man for the job.  However, no one noticed David—not even his own father or family.  Isn’t that incredible that those closest to you do not notice your gifts, skills and talents?  This is a lesson for all of us to learn.  Just because others don’t see what you have or do doesn’t mean that it’s of no value.

Society is trying to program us to think that if it’s not shouted from the mountain tops or social media than it doesn’t matter.  If your friends don’t “like” or comment on your posts then it doesn’t matter.  However, something that I learned a long time ago is that someone is always paying attention and notices you and how you react and take care of your daily life.

My friend, the most powerful person in the universe notices you each and every moment of the day and furthermore, all you do is extremely important to Him.  I urge you to carry on in sharpening your skills, in being the ear that truly listens, in being the mouth piece that speaks love to someone that doesn’t hear it from anywhere else and, be the one that prays for the needs on others even when your own needs can be overwhelming on any given day.

Remember that what you do and who you are is important—and remember to Just Breathe!

Noticing you,