When it seems difficult to be Thankful…Part 3

By Nereida Rosario

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the most high God will rest in the shadow of the Almighty, I will say of the Lord He is my refuge, my fortress, my God, in Him will I trust.” Psalms 91:1-2

On October 18, my husband Edwin underwent brain surgery after a CT scan done on September 30, revealed a tumor on the rear lower right side of his brain. The worst case scenario, we were told, could be cancer with the understanding that they were going to go in and remove it if they could or if necessary, they would leave it to be treated with radiation and/or chemo. Everyone prayed in agreement that this tumor be removed completely. Four and half hours later, his brain surgeon, informed us that he had successfully removed 99% of the tumor with no cancer found!   For this there is much to be thankful!

The company Edwin works does not provide short term disability; only long term should he require it after 90 days of absence.  This meant that for the two months that he needed to be away from work, before and after surgery, we would not have income coming into our home.  I am a stay at home mom and the reality of this situation was overwhelming.  But God’s promises and provision prevailed once again; for as the words of the song that I sang that first Wednesday of this year: love came down and rescued us.  Love came in the form of family members who stepped in and provided every single need we had, to make ends meet in our home.  Love came down when my sister-in-law showed up and took over as “mommy” while we worked through all the tests and paperwork that needed attention.  Love came down, as family members and friends showed up and did not leave our side.  Food provisions were an almost daily occurrence during these two months as friends and our choir family made sure we had proper physical nourishment.  Love Came Down and We Lacked Nothing!

If I were to include every single instance where we encountered and are still seeing God at work, this would be a much longer read.  Yes, there were moments we felt afraid, and we felt unsure. Yes, there were moments we felt uncertain about the outcome and our future. But there was one thing we know for sure! WE WERE NEVER ALONE. God was in the midst of every single turn in this crisis.  We walked into the fire and right there beside us, He was there.  Clearly we saw evidence of how He and His people were present.  Edwin returned to work the Monday before Thanksgiving, 2010.  Still unable to drive himself, our next door neighbor unexpectedly offers to drive him to and from work. Edwin expected to take an anti-seizure medication for 90 days after surgery was removed from the medication one month earlier than expected.  His left peripheral vision which has been compromised because of the tumor in the rear lower right side is being restored day by day.

Our 2010 Christmas celebrations were a bit deliberate and vocal as we recognized the gifts we had been given.  We didn’t anticipate the many presents but again our beautiful family and friends made our children’s Christmas a beautiful one to remember.  Most importantly for me, God kept His word and the outcome was definitely a different one.  As I consider all of this, I joined with the congregation on the second Wednesday of this year and proclaim with a song:

“I wanna make my life

All about Your glory

I wanna spend my days

Tellin’ the world Your story

In everything I do

In everything I say

Following after You

Giving You thanks and praise”

Take a moment a give God a deliberate praise of Thanksgiving for His powerful presence in your situation, in your life.

As we relax and enjoy this Holiday, thank God for your family members and make sure to enjoy their presence and how they are your presents!   Don’t forget to tell them you are thankful for them and remember to Just Breathe!

2 thoughts on “When it seems difficult to be Thankful…Part 3

  1. Thank you for sharing such a living testament of the faithfulness of God in our lives! Your story provides a renewed sense of Thanksgiving for the many wonders that we have all experienced in one way or another. Love you!

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