Hidden Blessings in Life’s Transitions…

Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord.  2 Corinthians 5:8

By Anonymous Writer

My dad was a very talented artist — the mayor of San Francisco was one of his friends and collectors. When he got sick and lost his memory due to many strokes he forgot to paint and that was so hard to witness. My dad went to painting like this image to painting like a 5 year old.

strawberriesIt was challenging, but the message I received was that we are not defined by what we do.

I got very depressed but sought out the Lord even more.

How sad that I sought God during a crisis but that is how I was— sort of a user. We never treat friends like this but I treated God in a way where I remembered him when times were tough.

When dad passed away a few months ago I was frightened of God. I found Him to be too drastic. I saw Him as the Old Testament God who needed sacrifices.

However, I started having very vivid dreams. Dreams where my dad looked about 40 years younger, was VERY happy and talked to me about heaven and how sweet and loving God is. In one dream my dad told me that God is upset that there is not enough solidarity on earth. In another dream my dad talked about the materialism on earth and how heaven is a place of plenitude. In yet another dream, I saw Christ speak to me in the kindest and most loving voice and told me that my dad is a good man and loves me so much.

I’ve had about 40 dreams with my dad.

My thinking has changed. I have become more sensitive as to what I am watching on TV. I have become more aware that the Holy Spirit would be wounded.

My thinking of God has also changed—- I am no longer afraid. Through my dreams of my dad, I have come to realize that death is really just a transition; a continuation into a purer form.

Although my dad in no longer here on earth; he continues to inspire me.

I now realize that I am not defined by my career, Christ is my identity!!! This has taken so much pressure off of my work.

Yes, my job is a gift! I am able to work from home and can care for my sweet son but, it is no longer my main focus- I feel more relaxed. By placing God first I now know that every aspect of my life will be blessed.

I go for acupuncture to be more balanced and now I have finally learned that I also need to be a more balanced Christian. Everything in my life needs to be in sync for God to work effectively — otherwise I leave opportunities for the enemy to attack. I am reminded of the armor of God.

So in the end, the funny thing is that my dad’s passing has proven to be a nice thing. He is no longer sick. I dream of him where he speaks of God and I see how happy, young and healthy he is. I now have greater faith in Christ and realize that I need to put God first in everything and I will be blessed.

I have made a choice that instead of reading business blogs that I need to network with like-minded Christians, who are not competing to succeed but who are cooperating and collaborating. I am so grateful to have met Silvia and know she and her blog are a blessing in my life.  She is reminding me to Just Breathe…

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