Just Breathe Challenge

Who is up for a challenge? Now don’t get stressed out, this challenge is all about little self-care and taking care of you!
F30 Day Challenge (2)or some, the summer months will soon start to get a little busier with back to school activities, Fall event planning and other things that will try to compete for your attention. So how does it sound to get a daily reminder for 30 days (August 1-30th) of a short activity you can do at the start your day, somewhere in the middle or at the end?  You choose….no stress challenge…remember?!

I will also be giving out little surprises throughout the challenge to people that at actively participating and sharing their thoughts about how their month is going.

So, what do you say? Are you in?

Also, make sure to follow me on both Facebook (click here) and Instagram (click here) in order to make sure that you are seeing each day’s challenge.  I promise it will be simple but fun!

SO, be on the lookout tomorrow for our first challenge. But today….remember to Just Breathe!

Cheering you on to relax,

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