“I Hate My Teenage Daughter”…..????

Really? Really? Honestly?  Are you kidding Me???? WSVN (FOX), Channel 7 in South Florida, thought that it’s okay to put out a show called I Hate My Teenage Daughter.  I couldn’t contain myself and had to write about this and get your thoughts.
When did society think that it was “funny” or okay to name a show  this and think that it would be acceptable?  Unbelievably, About 6.8 million people tuned in to watch the multicamera comedy.  Really, (still stunned) how low has our bar gone for good television??? In today’s generation more and more young girls are having self-esteem issues, suicide attempts, growing up in broken families and have lack of dreams and aspirations for a future.  So I guess someone thought, let’s put a show out there to confused our girls even more!!!  Can you tell that I am furious about this?  Now, you may know that I have 3 beautiful girls, 3 wonderful blessings, 3 gifts given to me by God himself and that’s what I want them to know.  Do they get on my nerves from time to time???  OF COURSE!!!  YES!!!!  However, I continue to love them unconditionally and would never, ever, want them to think for a second that I hate them.
Just the other day our Senior Pastor, Ken Albin, updated his Facebook status with a picture of him and his daughter and posted “I have the best daughter in the whole wide world!” I thought what a wonderful affirmation for a daughter to feel unconditional love from her father.  We may not all have the priviledge of having a biological father that is so expressive of his love for us so we need to celebrate the men that do that.  I can not forget my husband, Miguel Arvelo, and how he shows this type of love both verbally and with actions on a daily basis to our three girls.  My girls know that their dad would do anything for them…ANYTHING!!!  That’s the message that our daughters should be hearing and NOT the name of this show.
This reminds me of when Jesus was about to be baptized and His Father uttered these words about his one and only child “This is my Son, whom I LOVE; with him I am well pleased”.  God himself teaches us how to treat our children.  How to speak to our children.  Believe me, I have so much to learn myself and I am still learning how to be a good mother to our three girls, however, God knows that I submit to Him daily in pursuit of this and that my ultimate desire to be the best role model that they will experience from a woman in their lifetime.  Women, we need to step up and tell society that it is NOT okay to put any dumb thought someone has out on the screens for every girls in our nation to see.
This blog is dedicated to all the wonderful, beautiful and best daughters out there no matter what your age!  And mothers for you I say, remember to Just Breathe!
Reflection Corner:
1.)  Make a listing of what TV shows or media items you want to limit the exposure to your children.
2.)  Be intentional about affirming your daughter (s) or the girls in your church or circle.  That may be the only affirmation they hear today!
3.)  Write to someone in office or editorial power about

5 thoughts on ““I Hate My Teenage Daughter”…..????


    A daughter is an angel
    So delicate and dear
    A precious gift from Heaven
    To cherish and hold near
    She grows in grace and goodness
    That shines upon her face
    A daughter is a blessing
    No other can replace

    This is the type of affirmation my daughter hears on a daily basis. I agree, as women, as mothers, wives, daughters and most of all child of God…we must come against those types of negative “entertainment” via the media.

  2. Cathy

    I was also OUTRAGED when I saw the commercial for this show!! My two daughters were sitting with me and I used it as a learning opportunity. I expressed the same concerns about self-esteem and how terrible it is for any person but especially a parent to utter those words to someone they’re suppose to love and cherish. Is there anything that we can do to stop these kind of shows from airing when so many are tuning in to watch and who’s tuning in??

    • I agree!!! I believe that the show is not doing so well but I believe that it’s due to the storyline and writing not due to the name. I think that we, who have daughters, need to do exactly what you did Cathy and use it as a teaching moment to let our girls know how much we love them and cherish them in our lives.

  3. Kery

    I said the same thing to my husband when I saw the promos to this. We need to positively speak over our daughters (and family, work…. ) our life. Positive affirmation is to speak life over someone and that is something we need especially this day in time where young girls are under so much pressure to look perfect, be perfect… but, that begins at home preferably with her father and then mother. Otherwise, she will try to seek that in the wrong man when she grows up. Which will ultimately lead to failed relationships and low self-esteem. This show only confirms the ignorance of such a doomed society, however, I am encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity to brag on my children!

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