But God….

But God remembered Noah and all the animals in the boat.  He sent a wind to blow across the waters, and the floods began to disappear.  Genesis 8:1

There are times when we are in the middle of a trial, a difficult situation or a never-ending type of suffering that we feel so alone!

It doesn’t mean that you are physically alone.

Yes you have family members around, you have the best of friends and even a wonderful church family but you can’t help to feel all alone!

No one really knows what you are feeling, what you are thinking.  Your thoughts turn towards “I don’t know if I can continue on like this….this is getting too hard to hold on-too tough to continue!”  My issues are overwhelming me!!

While reading scripture this morning, the first verse, the first three words in fact hit me AND hit me hard.

BUT God remembered!!!!

You are not alone my friend.  God has not forgotten you and what you are dealing with.  He tells you today that He will be sending His mighty wind to blow in your situation, your breakthrough is near; your flood will begin to disappear.  Do not give up hope!!!!

I am not sure who I am writing to today but if this blog has spoken to you please take a few minutes to write to me.  As I type these words I unite in prayer for your flood to disappear.

I look forward to hearing testimonies from women who will be sharing about their floods ceasing!

And as always, today, especially today, remember to Just Breathe!

14 thoughts on “But God….

  1. Debra

    A very encouraging post Silvia. God always remembers!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family.
    Love You my God Given Friend, Deb

  2. DaLana Barsanti

    The past few days…well, months have been very difficult with my teenage son. He has become extremely defiant, his grades have dropped and he is generally unpleasant to even be around. I have felt myself at the breaking point MANY times over the last two weeks. I want you to know I needed your words today! Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit!

  3. kathiefico

    I am NOT alone!
    The Lord had you write this, from His heart to yours, and from yours to ours. Words of comfort, words of encouragement, words of grace and love.Thank you for listening, being willing and obedient! Eating from the good of the land is yours!

      • kathiefico

        Doesn’t “life” make you ask sometimes, “Why isn’t it just one thing to take up my thought life? It always seems to be two or more.” I have experienced, even this morning…my natural man automatically going into a “pity-party” mode. But the God within, Who is greater than anything or anyone speaks out and speaks up and draws my attention and confession to the Word of God. And part of His Word to me today is, “But God remembered”! Praise God for His Word which gives light and revelation, and for individuals such as Silvia to so lovingly portray His presence! Thank you my dear friend!

  4. I received an e-mail from someone who also read this blog…


    I am not subscribed to your blog. But, I must say nothing short of a flood of tears streamed down my cheeks as I read this. Mine has been a long never,never ending suffering. This was for Me!!!! I have been holding my breathe for Yearssssss Now……. I need Hurricane forced winds to come my way.

    Thank for sharing….:) I was truly Blessed.

    This was truly amazing!

  5. Cristina Jacques

    Thank you dear friend for letting the Holy Spirit use you to write these words….they were meant for me today. I couldn’t hold in my tears. I’ll be having a procedure done tomorrow and I need some encouraging words. God always there and He always has words of comfort. I know i’m not alone!
    Blessings and besitos!

  6. NORosario

    You took a powerful truth from the word of God to remind us all that “God Remembers!” The Holy Spirit empowered you with words and to lovingly bring it forth as healing balm for many who need His touch. I am a living testimony, walking, breathing, ever praising vessel of the very truths that God sees and remembers. It is this truth that we continually need to bring forth. He is able to do more than we can ever imagine and He is able to use this space, this blog, your writing, your obedience, to set women free. Keep it up my friend. You are loved.

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