I love the way you hold me….

You made it through another week!!!  YAY!  It’s time to celebrate and do something crazy like dance a little…LOL!  For our Fantastic Friday we have our video by Jamie Grace Hold Me.  I don’t know about you but I love the way my Lord holds me just when I feel that I can’t go on another day, another minute, another second.  Go ahead, let go and allow Him to Hold You in His arms today.  Enjoy our featured video and remember to Just Breathe and let go!

4 thoughts on “I love the way you hold me….

  1. Debra

    Love the lighthearted video today. I love the way HE holds us too. I felt that grasp of HIS arms around me this week, in a time when I needed it. Thank You for your prayers!
    Have a great weekend.

    Love and a Long distance Hug, Deb

  2. NORosario

    After a long, exhausting week, the weekend proved to be a gift from our Lord. I love How He loves me so and I love the way He holds me. What a wonderful way to start a new week that is going to be filled with busyness. He is holding me, guiding me, loving me. Thanks for that. Sweeeeeeeet!

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