What a Beautiful Card….

“Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them….Matthew 7:12 MSG

I am out to dinner with a friend one evening when she reaches over and hands me a card.  I said, what is this?  “A card for you she states.”  I open the card and in an instant remember sending this same exact card, years ago, to someone else.  I remember it so vividly because I loved the way the two little girls were swinging on their swing on what seemed to be a summer afternoon.

Swing sets were my favorite growing up….Okay I have digressed from the main point here…LOL!

However, and more importantly, I was reminded how much God loves me and knew that I needed to receive that very card, that very instant.

You see, I love to send and receive cards- but lately, I found myself doing the “sending”.

I recently read a book on friendship that “messed me up”!!!  It “forced” me to evaluate the current friendships in my life, the types of friends they were to me, the type of friend that I was to them and also think about the special people that were no longer a part of my everyday life.

To be totally honest with you….the whole exercise made me a little sad.

I thought about my age and my current stage in life and thought “ wow to reach this point in my life where I would like the number of friends to “grow” not “diminish” here I am wondering why some were no longer there.  I was quickly reminded that some friends are for a season and that’s okay too!

But, check out what the cards states…Once in a while, you find a friend who’ll be a friend forever; and who is more a sister than a friend. Wow, He knew that I need a little reassurance in this very area of my life.

Entrust God with every single person in your life and as always, remember to Just Breathe! Oh and if you are the person I sent this card to please let me know!!! LOL!

2 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Card….

  1. My Dear Friend…As you know, God always knows what we need and when we need it. He can use us, His children when we are listening and obeying Him. You have been used in many ways to touch all you come in contact with….with cards, words, hugs, prayers….and just being you. I thank you for all the times that you have touched my heart in times of my need. You are an effectual minister of the Gospel. God bless you lady! Love and appreciate you!

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