Undeserved Blessings…

Now I am adopting as my own sons these two boys of yours, Ephraim and Manasseh, who were born here in the land of Egypt before I arrived. They will inherit from me just as Reuben and Simeon will.  Genesis 48:5

You probably looked at the title of this blog today and thought…WHAT???  I deserve every blessing I receive and some!!!

Allow me to explain….

A few weeks ago my day got so busy with work and other personal things that I was not able to do my devotional.  That night I couldn’t fall asleep and decided to read the Word now since it had been such a crazy day.  Well I come up to this passage.  Jacob, one of the patriarchs of Israel, is about to die and he is getting ready to bless each of his 12 children and sends for one of them- Joseph.

Well our buddy Joseph decides to bring his two boys with him. Ephraim and Manasseh were probably afraid, and questioning why they are even there.  I don’t know about you but if someone sends for me I will go but I will not bring uninvited guests with me….maybe that’s just me.  Isn’t that a little rude?

Stick with me….because this is where God opened my eyes to something profound.

In verse 8, Jacob asks Joseph are these your sons?  I thought….what is wrong with this grandfather…geez, he doesn’t even recognize his own grandsons? But scripture states that he was half blind so we will let this one slide…a littleJ

But Jacob says “bring them to me I want to bless them.”  BAM! 

Jacob was blessing his sons NOT the grandchildren. This passage took me to a very special place with God.   Could you imagine for a moment Jesus going to the Father on behalf of you and telling the Father….”Dad, can you give them (that’s you and me!) my blessing?”

Do you get that you and I weren’t in the “correct” lineage for this blessing????  Do you get that we do not deserve the blessings that the Father is giving us?  Do you get that?

In His mercy and because of His unselfish and all-giving Son we are being blessed each and every day!  Oh yeah and add on top of that  a place is being prepared in heaven for us too!

My friends….undeserved blessings….yup, each and every one of the blessings that we are enjoying right now!

As we enter this month of Thanksgiving don’t let a single day go by without being thankful for what you have and for what is to come!

And as always….remember to Just Breathe!

21 thoughts on “Undeserved Blessings…

  1. I am reading this late, but I just found this blog through your comment on Holley Gerth’s blog. I also have been starting to see the many blessings we get, only because of Jesus. Yes Jesus took our place on the cross, and covers us with his righteousness. It is awesome to finally realize this. Your post and the scripture you reference help awaken my gratitude even more. Thanks.

  2. This is lovely! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful insight into the Word. And thank you for the reminder to thank Him for all thing blessings He gives. Too often I just come to him with the requests and needs…and forget to come back and say thank you.

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