Where it Matters…

As the 2018 World Cup comes to an end I admit I am a little sad.  It was thirty days of excitement, renewed hopes and dreams come true for lots of people and nations. During times of worries and frustrating news and events, this one event seemed to bring a reprieve for many that enjoy the sport of soccer.

36455413_10211380151131492_8734368526778761216_oIt truly took Just Breathe to a whole new level for me.  Slow down and just breathe, Goaaaaaal, jump and breathe, penalty shots remember to breathe! Yes, we take it very seriously at our home…..ummm, every four years that is (smile).

However, one of the biggest lessons of this year’s games is all the surprises it brought.  What some viewed as the greatest and most experienced teams, were actually the ones beaten by seemingly small time teams.  One by one they went home!

Isn’t that just how life plays us?

When we think or expect things to go one way they turn out completely differently but if we look close enough, if we just stop for a moment, we learn tremendous lessons that actually take us even further than we ever imagined.

I am reminded of our small town shepherd boy David.  No one thought much of David (not even his own family) and certainly didn’t expect him to defeat an enemy and kill him AND certainly not become the second king of Israel. BUT, he did just that!

Aren’t these the greatest moments in our lives?

The moments in our lives when we actually surprise ourselves.  The moments that we see God comes through and we win the battle at whatever challenge has been taunting us.  Or, we lose the battle and God comes through in the way of love, nurture, opportunities, encouragement and moments that we will never forget and bring us to a whole new level.

37161379_10211472685844802_8081876871832141824_oSo where am I going with this?  It truly doesn’t matter whether you win or lose by society’s standards.  What truly matters is what we learned in the process and how we witness God’s love and care for our lives.  You see, in the championship between France and Croatia, Croatia played their hearts out until the very last second but still lost the game.  This small country, who is young (since 1991), could go home feeling defeated or they could go home feeling that when no one expected them to get to the final championship, they got the world stage and showed us all that they are determined, dedicated and committed, and persevered when things looked bleak.  Hey, they even got a personal hug and kiss from their woman President.

So my friend be encouraged that you are on your way to something wonderful.  Don’t ignore your current situation but instead, be intentional on how you choose to look at it. You’re already a champion!!!

Wishing you a wonderful new week and always remember to Just Breathe!

Until next time,


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