The Kiss on the Hand…

Psalm 44:21 says that God "knows the secrets of the heart"

I recently prayed for God to allow me to see into a person's heart. I prayed that I would see beyond the rehearsed responses that women and people in general have to certain questions and situations. As I came to bed that night, I prayed for my marriage, as I usually do. I asked God to open up Miguel's romantic eyes (typical woman, don't judge!) but instead mine were opened.

Earlier that evening we had a group of kids over the house.  I worked like a dog over the previous 2 days to prepare for this evening. Well at some point during the night, he grabs my hand and kisses it. I didn't think much of it because he has done this sort of thing before however as I was praying, God revealed to me the true meaning of that kiss. The unspoken words were....I appreciate you, I realize you have worked hard, I wish I could have helped more, I love you and I am so happy being your husband- YES, I got all that out of one kiss on the hand! Now, I realize that my husband doesn't necessarily articulate his thoughts clearly enough to show me how he truly feels however, MY God could (HE knows our inner thoughts and the secrets of our hearts)and he allowed me to hear what "my" heart needed to hear!

As you go about your day, ask God to show you the unspoken words that your loved 
ones speak to you and always remember to Just Breathe! 

Reflection Corner:
1.) Are there things that you are too embarrassed to bring to God?
2.) Did you know that men do not demonstrate affection in the same way women do?  
 Identify some ways that your mate may be showing you love today?
3.) Good Reading Resource: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman



10 thoughts on “The Kiss on the Hand…

  1. NORosario

    Silvia, so many times, I pause to take in “the look”, “the kiss”, “the unspoken word” realizing that men are not women. We compliment each other so liberally but men don’t do that and are not like that…hence, God created man and woman, He created them both and oh so different. So glad that God speaks to our hearts and affirms us. So glad that He allows us to sense our loved ones nudges. I love it. Thanks for reminding me to “take it in”.

  2. Love the blog post, so meaningful and insightful – thank you for reminding us to look beyond the nuances of everyday and search for meaning in the actions, however small they may be, of those around us.

  3. Valerie González

    As a mother of two sons ages 19 and 15, I have learned that men are wired and built up differently since birth. Boys grow into men and our Heavenly Father knew exactly what he was doing when he created us to be the companion, the opposite, the better half, and the nurturing individuals that men need. I agree, we can be very harsh toward men. In fact, as a single mother, a woman that her husband did not value or respect, I could be very harsh on men if I didn’t stop and be thankful for the kind hearted gentle biological father I was blessed with, the two protective brothers he blessed me with, and my two loving sons. Our Father, gave me the opportunity to train up two boys into manhood in the way they should go. So, although they are rugged, they are definitely night and day, they know how, when, and uniquely to display their affection, love, and gratitude to myself, their sisters, and women they surround themselves with. When I need a tender loving care and secretly tell the Lord, my huggie bear (Joseph) comes by and gives me a “just because, hug.” When I’m feeling overwhelmed or running ragged and feeling underappreciated, my gentleman (George) comes home with “cheer Mom up” flowers or chocolates. Therefore, I have learned to let up on judging men and realized that sometimes “less said is more and it is the little things that count,” for our Heavenly Father “knows the secrets of our hearts.”

    • Wow Valerie, you wrote a blog right there! You made me cry girl!!! Thank you for being a mom that teaches boys to be good to women and value them. I often tell my girls, you must observe how a boy treats his mother, its an indication on how he is going to treat you! Thank you so much for your feedback! Love you girl!

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