The Case for the Lost Slipper….

As I was quietly sitting in my airplane seat I noticed a lonely slipper by me. I looked up and down the aisle to see who would not notice that they had lost a shoe…

It was quite comical actually.

Within minutes an older “adorable” grandpa-looking man comes with his daughter looking for his other shoe. He had rushed to the bathroom and he didn’t notice that he lost his shoe/slipper. He was laughing so hard that both him and his daughter were in tears…. At this point I was in a full chuckle , the one where you have to hold your stomach and you snort from your nose…yup, the embarrassing kind.

The whole incident made me think…. How many of us have lost things in life and haven’t noticed?

Have we lost our joy for the simple things? Have we lost our appreciation for the things we have in life? Have we lost the love of spending time with the people we love and are so dear to us? Or, worse yet, have we lost our hunger and thirst for being in God’s presence?

It’s easy to lose something and allow so much time to go by that we don’t even miss it even more.  We grow accustomed to not needing it anymore.

This made me want to evaluate the following areas of my life:

1.) Am I spending quality time with my God or am I giving Him leftovers, whenever I remember? AND,do I miss it when I don’t?

2.) Am I caring for others the way Jesus did? Or, am I allowing the busyness of life to steal that joy and passion that He has given me?

3.) Am I taking time to enjoy my current season of life with my husband?

4.) Am I giving my children the love and support that they currently need, or am I giving them what I think they need?

5.) Am I being wise with my time and who I spend it with or am I allowing others to dictate how my time should be allocated?

6.) Am I giving myself time to rest and refresh physically and mentally or am I constantly running around like a chicken without her head?

7.) Does my checkbook speak of what is important to me or am I allowing the world and society to also dictated that for me?

This exercise has allowed me to think about what is important to me and how to adjust what needs “adjusting”.

Today I remind you to Just Breathe and please don’t lose your slipper:-)

6 thoughts on “The Case for the Lost Slipper….

  1. Wow, the Lord so deeply spoke to you in seeing this lost slipper, or should I say the lost grandpa? Your questions have merit. Questions that each of us, whether a new born in the Lord, or someone that has been born again for many years should ask ourselves, at the very least, seaonally. As you stated, this exercise will allow us to think about what truly is important to us…deep down in our heart. Our daily life will show the fruit of our heart. Thank you for the questions. My answers will reveal my heart for all the world to see. I pray that they bring glory to God; and if they do not, I pray that I will take courage and make the adjustments that I need.

  2. NORosario

    Great story. I loved the laughter. So healing, so important. But, also the thought process and what it did for you that made you take a closer look inward. I am consistently asking our Lord to bring the “contentment”. The act of enjoying the moment and find pleasure in this season of my life. When I pay attention to it, I also end up just laughing out loud with my husband, my children, my own silly ways. Thanks for the reminder, I also will evaluate the areas of my life so that nothing goes missing.

  3. Valerie González

    Wow! As I read this blog…I have to say the Holy Spirit spoke to the core of my soul. The exercise (questions) you post have truly prompt me to evaluate the various areas of my life and realize how easily desensitized we become to the unimportant things that steal our communion with Christ, our bond with either our children or loved ones, isolate us from those placed in our lives to build us up and be accountable to. Spend quality time with Christ, reprioritize our relationships and never become comfortable with just existing…these are the things I will work on. I do not want to lose my slippers because I’m in a hurry to get to where “I Think” I need to be. As you said…”Just Breathe”, I think I need to slow down first and “just breathe.” Thank You and God Bless!!!

    • Thank you Valerie for your feedback. When it first occurred I thought, what teaching can come out of this and the Holy Spirit within minutes gave it to me. I am so happy that you were blessed by it! Love you!

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