Tick Tock, Tick Tock….

We anxiously wait for our boarding pass from Barcelona back home. As we board the plane and sit in our assigned seats we hear the pilot say the normal courtesy welcome and length of our trip.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your flight to Miami which will be approximately 9 hours and 34 minutes.”

I start to think, great I can sleep and get some rest before I get home and this should help me adjust to the 6 hour time difference that I’ve been living for the past 8 days. So, we have watched a movie, had dinner and a lovely nap and I still have about 7 more hours of flying!!! I am going to go crazy with all this time.

This made me think about the concept of time. How we spend it, how we waste it and how we perhaps, abuse it. We are all given 24 hours- no matter which social class we are in…..it is equally given to each 0f us.

I believe that God wants us to make the best of our time and not waste it on things that are not important to Him.  If we look at how Jesus spent His time we will see what was truly important to the Father. Jesus spent His time: with His family, with his friends/disciples, talking to His heavenly Father, reading the scripture (some call it Gods love letters to us, others call it our instructional book here on earth) and resting.

A healthy balance of time….never all on one thing.

He also spent it doing ministry and serving others. He used it to help other people.  Here’s a surprise…He didn’t use it all on Himself and His personal needs and desires.

As we enter the summer months, let us not only plan special events and fun times with our “inner circle” or family but look for ways that you can serve someone else or another family.

I challenge you to evaluate how you are spending your precious 24 hours and make the best of this new week AND always remember to Just Breathe!

2 thoughts on “Tick Tock, Tick Tock….

  1. kathiefico

    “He didn’t use it all on Himself and His personal needs and desires.” Wow…that was a needed revelational insight! Thank you! Just a little sentence can change so many things. Oh Lord, help me to NOT spend my time, or my thoughts on just me! I make a choice today to be intentional on “serving someone else or another family”. Lord, I thank You for your reminders. Thanks Silvia for being obedient and bringing this reminder to us.

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